Programs Summary for Cerebellum Institution Dashboard

The Cerebellum Programs Summary section displays each program within the Institution.  The program data can be further viewed by Gender by Program, Medical School Type by Program, and Self-Identification by Program.  


The data in this section will offer three graphs showing summary data of all program applicants broken down into three main views:

  1. Gender by Program: Provides a total number of applicants gender by program.

    • Man

    • Woman

    • Other Gender Identity
    • Not Specified

  2. Medical School Type by Program: Provides the total number type of medical schools per program.

    • IMG

    • IMG-Caribbean

    • US-DO

    • US-MD

  3. Self-Identification by Program: Provides the total number of applicants by self-identification.

    • White

    • Asian

    • No Identification

    • Black or African American

    • Hispanic, Latino or of Spanish origin

    • Middle Eastern

    • Persian

    • Arab

There is the option to view the data by a percent or a count. This can be toggled by clicking the preferred view at the top of the chart. 

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