Institutional Summary for Cerebellum Institution Dashboard

The Cerebellum Institutional Summary section displays the Institutions total applicant statistics in all programs combined across a single season.


The data in this section provides all institution programs combined applicant data for each of the following statuses: 

  • Applied: provides a total number of applicants uploaded into all Cortex programs 
    • For programs that did not use Cortex, this will reflect the amount of applicants uploaded to Thalamus
  • Invited: provides a total number of invitations and final applicant statuses from Thalamus
  • Completed: provides a total number of applicants who completed an initial interview across all programs
  • Ranked: provides a total number of applicants who have been ranked across all programs
  • Matched: provide a total number of applicants that have matched across all programs
    • applicants must be marked as "Matched" within each program individually.

View each status tab by clicking on the status tab you wish to view more details on.mceclip0.png

Each Applicant Status tab will display summary data of all institution applicants across three charts:

  1. Gender by Program: Provides a total number of applicants gender by program.

    • Man

    • Woman

    • Other Gender Identity
    • Not Specified

  2. Medical School Type by Program: Provides the total number type of medical schools per program.

    • IMG

    • IMG-Caribbean

    • US-DO

    • US-MD

  3. Self-Identification by Program: Provides the total number of applicants by self-identification from Thalamus and/or Cortex.

    • White

    • Asian

    • No Identification

    • Black or African American

    • Hispanic, Latino or of Spanish origin

    • Middle Eastern

    • Persian

    • Arab

The charts can be further filtered by selecting criteria to be viewable or not-viewable within the pie chart. Additionally, by scrolling over the pie chart, it will provide the data within the section highlighted. 


How the Data is Aggregated

Institution Program Summary Statistics:

  1. Includes total number of invitations and final applicant statuses from the Applicants page within Thalamus. 
    Note: an applicant who may have missed, been withdrawn, or cancelled in Thalamus, and then rescheduled and interviewed by the program will display as completed, and not counted within the other statuses. Only the final applicant status in Thalamus will be counted. 

  2. Applicant details (medical school, DEI, geography) are gathered from data entered into Cortex and/or Thalamus.

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