Managing Program Surveys

Thalamus allows for programs to manage created surveys.  This guide will review how to navigate the surveys page and multiple actions that can take place. 

IMPORTANT: After a survey has been sent and at least one response has been submitted, there are limited revisions that can be done afterwards.

Viewing Surveys

  1. Access your surveys by selecting “Survey” from the upper menu bar.

  2. The list of created surveys will display on the “All Surveys” page.  See Creating Surveys user guide - insert link here.

  3. Surveys will be listed in a row by “Survey Name.” The “All Surveys “page will display the following information:

    • Survey type

    • Event type

    • Anonymous status

    • Number of questions on the survey

    • Times sent

    • Responses

    • Response rate


Search and Filter Surveys

  1. Search for a survey by a key word, such as a word in the title

    1. Enter the key word in the search bar and select the magnifying glass icon.

  2. Filter surveys by Survey Type, select the dropdown arrow in the “All Survey Types” box.

  3. Reset the survey list by selecting the Reset button.


View Survey Report

  1. To view survey responses, select the “Go to Surveys Report” icon.

  2. Users will be automatically redirected to the Survey Reports to view the survey responses.


    For more information on viewing survey responses, please visit the INSERT USER GUIDE here.

Duplicate a Survey

When a survey is duplicated, all questions, answers types, and format will be copied directly and a new survey will be created.

  1. Duplicate a survey by selecting the “Duplicate Survey” icon

  2. A copy of the selected survey will now display in the list of surveys and the row will be highlighted a light blue

  3. The duplicated survey will be named the same and will also include the word “Copy” at the beginning of the survey name. We suggest editing the copied survey to update the name.


Edit a Survey

  1. To edit a survey, select the “Pencil” icon

  2. The selected survey will open.

  3. To edit the survey, select the “Pencil” icon located at the top of the page next to the survey name

  4. The following fields can be edited:

    • Survey Name

    • Survey Type

    • Event Type

    • Anonymous Response (for post-interview or post-match surveys only)

  5. To save edits, select Save.

  6. To cancel any edits, select Cancel.


Edit an Individual Survey Question

  1. Select the “Pencil” icon to edit an individual question

  2. The Edit Survey Question window will open and allow you to edit the following fields

    • Question

    • Type

    • Answers list (if applicable)

  3. To save edits, select Save

  4. To cancel any edits, select Cancel

Delete an Individual Survey Question

PLEASE NOTE:  Surveys questions that have already received a response cannot be deleted or edited.

  1. Select the red “X” icon within the survey question line

  2. A new window will appear asking for confirmation to delete the question

  3. Select Confirm to delete the question.

  4. Select Cancel to cancel the question deletion.

Delete A Survey

PLEASE NOTE:  Surveys that have already received a response cannot be deleted or edited.

  1. To delete a survey, select the red “X” icon

  2. A confirmation window will appear

  3. Select Confirm to delete the survey.

  4. Select Cancel to cancel the survey deletion.

View the additional user guides regarding Program Surveys:

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