Viewing and Exporting Survey Results (In Manage Surveys)

Users are able to view and export survey results obtained from applicant responses to the pre-interview, post interview and post-match interview surveys they have been sent for completion. There are two locations in Thalamus where users can locate these results. The first is on the Survey tab and the second is on the Reports tab. 

This guide will walk you through how to obtain the results from the Survey tab. 

Viewing Survey Results

  1. Navigate to the "Survey" button on the menu bar on the top of the screen.
  2. This report displays all surveys created from your entire season:

    1. Search Bar - Allows you to display surveys based on any keyword entered in the text box.
    2. The "All Survey Types" drop down menu allows you to filter the results based on the type of survey you would like to view. 
    3. The "Reset" button allows you to reset the results back to how they were originally listed.
    4. All columns can be ordered in ascending or descending order and grouped by the details.
    5. Under the "Actions" column there are three icons:
      • Line Graph - Navigates to the "Survey Report" page
      • Copy - Allows you to copy the survey
      • Pen and Note Pad - This allows you to edit the survey questions and/or add a new one
      • "X" - allows you to delete the survey (Please note the survey can only be deleted as long as an applicant has not responded to it.)

Exporting Survey Results

  1. When you are ready to review the results, you will need to select the "Line Graph" icon and this will bring you to the page that contains the results of that survey.
  2. You will arrive to the survey page; you are able to take several actions in order to review the survey results

    • Search Bar: Allows you to display surveys based on keyword entered in the text box. 
    • Interview Event Date: Allows you to review survey results by event date.
    • All Questions: Allows you to review survey results based on a specific question.
    • All Questions Type: Allows yu to pull results based on the type of question, Multiple Choice, Free Response, Dropdown, Likert Scale, or Yes/No.
    • Event Type: Allows you to pull results based on the event type, Interview, 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th Interview, Social Event.
  3. Once you have selected the data in which you would like to export, you will navigate to the "Export" button
  4. A pop-up will appear for you to confirm how you would like to export the data, via Excel or a CSV file
  5. The report will appear as a downloaded document within your browser window. 
  6. Then you will be able to open and view the data.
  7. Once you have exported your survey results you have the option to reset your survey results screen to its default state by clicking "Reset" or you can return to the "All Survey Reports" screen. 
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