Virtual Knock Interval for Thalamus Video (Automatic Notification)

Programs using Thalamus Video can enable an automatic virtual knock for their interview sessions.  A virtual knock (a banner notification) is sent automatically toward the end of every Thalamus virtual interview to notify participants that time is almost up for their session. 

  • Programs can set a timed interval for when a virtual knock (banner notification) will appear in each session.
  • The minute(s) interval is set counting backwards from the end of the meeting.  If the interval is set for 5 minutes, the notification will be sent when there is 5 minutes remaining in the session.
  • The notification will be displayed in a form of a banner at the top of the video screen to all attendees and will read, "You have X minutes left of this meeting." ie. following the example above of 5 minutes, the banner would read "You have 5 minutes left of this meeting."X = the number of minutes remaining in the meeting

The Virtual Knock can be set globally or individually. Programs have full control to determine the default time for the Virtual Knock.

Programs have the option to set the Automatic Knock Interval in the following settings: 

  • Global Virtual Knock Interval Setting
  • Itinerary Builder Virtual Knock Interval Setting
  • Itinerary Wizard Virtual Knock Interval Setting

Note: The Virtual Knock feature is for Thalamus Video users only

Global Virtual Knock Interval Setting

This will be the global default setting for the Virtual Knock within all Thalamus video sessions.  This interval specifies how many minutes before the end of the session the automatic virtual knock should be sent by default. Additionally, the interval timing can be customized by viewing the Itinerary Builder Virtual Knock Interval Setting.

Note: Changes to the Virtual Knock Interval will only affect newly created sessions, not existing sessions.

  1. From the program page in Thalamus, navigate to the “Virtual Interviews” setting at the bottom of the Program Profile Page

  2. Select the “Edit” button to edit the Virtual Knock Interval time.
    Please note, the defaulted time will be 5 minutes.

  3. Set the preferred interval time in minutes
    • The Virtual Knock Interval time can be set from anywhere to 0 minutes up to the duration of you session (for example, if your interview session is 30 minutes, your virtual knock interval can be set anywhere for 0 to 30 minutes)

Itinerary Builder Virtual Knock Interval Setting

Each session created within the Itinerary Builder using the Thalamus Video can be individually customized with a virtual knock interval. 

Programs that have utilized the Itinerary Wizard to build their itineraries, can set any custom intervals for any sessions they wish. 

  1. Within the Create Session screen, Thalamus Video must be enabled as the Location
  2. The Virtual Knock field will then be viewable to customize the Virtual Knock time for the session

Itinerary Wizard Virtual Knock Interval Setting

When creating itineraries using the Itinerary Wizard, programs can set an automatic Virtual Knock interval (in minutes) within the Itinerary Wizard. View the Using the Itinerary Wizard to build your Interview day automatically.

Note: The Thalamus Video must be enabled to have access to set an automatic Virtual Knock

The Virtual Knock within each step will be defaulted with the time interval set in the global settings on the program page.  Additionally, the Virtual Knock interval can be individually customized within the two steps below:

  1. Group Events
  2. Create Interview Slots

Individual sessions can be additionally customized by viewing the Building your Interview day Itinerary using the Manual Itinerary Builder steps. 


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