Assign and Remove Tags from an Applicant

Programs can use Tags to add additional criteria to their applicants to allow for easy filtering.  Tags can be assigned to applicants individually or in bulk.  Applicants can also be added to a rank list that are assigned to a specific Tag. 

1) To apply tags, select "Applicants" from the toolbar at the top of your Thalamus Screen. 

2) Using the "Gear" button, enable select "Change Table Columns" from the drop down box. 


3) Locate the column "Tags" using the search bar in the columns page and enable it. You can also rearrange the order of your columns within this screen. For more information on changing your table columns, visit this guide: Customizing Table Columns on your Applicant Dashboard

4) Once the Tags field is enabled, select "Save" and "Return to Applicants". 


You should now have a column "Tags" on your applicants dashboard. You may need to scroll to the right to see this column. 

Adding and Removing Tags from Applicants

1) Select the "+" sign under the tag column to add a new tag. 

2) From the drop down list, choose to apply an existing tag, or select "+ add a new tag"


3) If adding a new tag, enter the name of your tag in the "Name" box. This name will be the text of the tag that is reflected on your applicants page. 

4) Select the Color box to choose from a selection of pre-set colors, or enter the Hexadecimal code of the color you want to use in that box. 


5) Select "Save" to save the tag, or "Cancel" the cancel the tag. 

6) Choose the newly created tag from the drop down box so that it displays in your "Add Tags" module. Select any other tags you'd like from the drop down box.  

7) You can remove tags chosen by selecting the "x" next to the text of the tag. 

8) Select "Save Tags" to apply the tags to that applicant. Select "Cancel" to cancel your work. 


9) From the Applicants page, you can delete tags from an applicant by selecting the "x" next to the text of the tag.



10) You can apply tags in bulk by choosing multiple applicants, and selecting the "Actions" button. 

11) The Add tags module will appear. Follow the same steps listed above to add tags for these applicants. 

12) Upon selecting "Save Tags" the tags will appear for all applicants chosen. 

Managing Tags

You can manage your Tags through the Tags Manager.

1) Select the "Gear" icon on your applicants page and choose "Tag Manager" from the drop down box. 


2) You can create new tags by selecting "Add New". The Create Tag module will open and you can follow the steps above to create a new tag. 

3) You can Edit tags by selecting the "Pencil" icon in the "actions" column. A warning message will appear, that editing the tag will apply to all applicants who have the tag assigned. Select "Confirm" to move forward. 

4) From the Edit Tag Module, you can edit the tag name and color. Select "Save" to save your work, and "Cancel" to cancel your work. 

5) You can delete a tag by selecting the red "X" in the actions column. A warning message will appear, indicating that deleting this tag will delete the tag for all applicants on which it is assigned. Select "Confirm" to delete this tag. 


Filtering Tags

You can filter your applicants page by tag.

1) In the applicants page, select the "Filters" button. 

2) Choose the desired tags from the drop down list under "Tags". 

3) Select "Apply filters" to filter your applicants by these tags. 


4) You can remove the filters by selecting the "x" next to the text of your filters in the dashboard toolbar. 


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