FAQ - Understanding a Programs Calendar Settings

Applicants are able to schedule themselves into a program’s calendar once invited by the program. Applicants are also able to cancel their interview with a program after scheduling. This guide will review frequently asked questions regarding the different settings an applicant may see in a program calendar, and what they mean.

For detailed information on how to schedule an interview with a program review our How to Schedule an Interview with a Program  user guide.

When am I able to schedule my interview with a program?

You will receive an email from a program that invites you to interview. At the bottom of this email, applicants will find a link to join Thalamus as a new user, or to log into Thalamus as an existing user.


How do I access my applicant Calendar?

After logging into Thalamus, you will be directed to your personal dashboard. At the top of the screen, select the “Calendar” tab to access your calendar and view available interview events.


How do I know if there are available spots for an interview?

The number of available spots will be visible in the upper right corner of the calendar event. Each interview date will have a color associated with the "spots available" based on the number of spots available.

  • Green = more than 4 spots
  • Yellow = less than 4 spots
  • Red = no spots remaining


How do I know if there is a waitlist for a full calendar event?

If a program has enabled a waitlist, after clicking on the calendar event you will see information for “enabled” and if the wait list is an “ordered” or “pooled” type. You will see a blue button titled “Join Waitlist”.


Will I be able to see that I have successfully scheduled an interview or waitlist position?

Yes. Once you have scheduled for your interview or social event, a checkmark will appear in the upper right corner of the calendar event next to the available spot counter. For a waitlist position, a “clock” icon will appear in the calendar event.


What do the “lock” icons mean on the calendar event?

A program may choose to “lock” actions available on a specific calendar event.

  • A lock with a “C” indicates that the self-cancellation action has been locked and an applicant is unable to cancel their interview independently.
  • A lock with a “S” indicates that the self-scheduling action has been locked and an applicant is unable to self-schedule into an event.

To take either of these actions, you must contact the program directly for assistance. 

View the How to Schedule An Interview with a Program (Web/ Browser) for additional information.


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