Applicant Calendar Preview for Programs

Programs have the ability to preview the Program Calendar as any applicant uploaded within their program.  This feature allows programs to visualize how their calendar event availability appears to applicants in a view-only mode.

Note: All action buttons and functions are disabled in this view. 

Applicants must be uploaded to the program in order to view the Calendar Preview.

Applicant Calendar Preview

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page
  2. Click the "Preview Calendar" button at the top of the calendar page
  3. Select the applicant you wish to view as.
  4. The program calendar will then be viewable in the open window as how the applicant would see it once they are invited.   Additional details regarding the applicant status will display. 
    NOTE: Applicants are not able to view their track or tier information seen below.

The FAQ section below will provide additional information and key facts about the Applicant Calendar Preview.

Applicant Calendar Preview FAQ

Note: Applicant calendar event views are unique from program calendar event views. Key information and notable differences include:

  • Event Titles: By convention, applicants will see your program events listed by Program Name and Specialty (regardless of the name entered by your program)
  • Color: All events for your program will appear for the applicant in a single color, which may be a different color from the applicant’s actual view.
  • Availability: The number of positions showing as available to the applicant is based on Track and Tier permissions, and therefore may or may not correspond to the total number of available positions showing on your calendar.
  • Private/Hidden Events: Applicants will only be able to view private/hidden events, if they are signed up for that event.
  • Closed Events: Applicants will be able to view closed events, but the event will show as full regardless of tracks/tiers and/or availability.
  • Waitlists: Applicants can sign up for one or more wait lists, while concurrently signing up for one scheduled interview event (per round for multiple interviews). Wait list openings will appear based on track/tier of the available positions, and the track/tier assigned to the applicant. They further differ by the type of waitlist used (ordered vs. pooled). Pooled waitlist openings appear to all with the appropriate positions. Ordered waitlist openings appear only to the next applicant on the list.
  • Lockout dates: Lockout date intervals will display as/when applied.
  • Completed interview events: Once an applicant completes an interview event (per round for multiple interviews), all prior and subsequent interview events of that type/round will be removed from the calendar. Note: This does not apply to social events, which are not removed from the calendar when a social event is completed.
  • Mobile app: This view differs slightly from the web version of the application and is not shown in this preview. Equivalent data should appear for applicants whether using the mobile or web application.
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