Exporting Thalamus Holistic Review Data for Score Administrators

Thalamus Holistic Review allows Score Administrators to export scoring data for applicants into a CSV file. Please note, applicants are exported only if they have a submitted scorecard that rolls up to an aggregate score (Overall, Cortex, Interview). If the applicant has a submitted scorecard that does not rollup to an aggregate score they will not be exported.


Exporting the Thalamus Holistic Review CSV

1. Navigate to the Score tab at the top of the screen and select “Score Administration”

2. Select the export button which will download the Thalamus Holistic Review CSV file


Please note The Thalamus Holistic Review export and the export form the Applicant Dashboard will be two separate exports. If your program would like any information from the Applicant Dashboard export to be included in the Thalamus Holistic Review export or vice versa we recommend merging the two CSV files together. The Thalamus Holistic Review export will not display the full extent of the comment strings in the comment columns. We recommend to select the entire spreadsheet and turn “Text Wrap” on to view the entire content for each comment column.

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