How to score and add notes on mobile (for interviewers)

Applicants can be scored in the Thalamus Mobile Application from either the Applicants menu Calendar or from active Thalamus Video rooms. Selecting a scorecard from the list allows scores and notes to be added to and edited for applicants. Questions can also have comments enabled, as well as the ability to be marked "Unable to assess" to prevent answers from being counted in the final average. Scorecards can be edited once submitted; notes can also be edited and deleted once submitted.

Accessing Scoring and Notes

Scorecards and Notes can be accessed from three places in the mobile application:

  • the Applicant menu
  • the Calendar

From the Applicants Menu and Calendar:

Note that the Applicant's menu is only accessible to program users with administrative roles (Program Administrators, Program Coordinators, and Program Directors) and program interviewers. Program users with the roles Program Resident or Program Fellow will not be able to access the Applicant menu, but will be able to access the Applicant Information card from the calendar.

  1. From the Applicant menu (1A): Locate the applicant you would like to access scores and notes for in the Applicants page, and select the right-facing chevron beside their information (1B).
  2. From the Calendar (2A): Select an interview day with applicants signed up (2B), and select the right-facing chevron besides the applicant's name (2C).
  3. To enter notes on the applicant, select the "Enter Notes" button to take you to that applicant's Notes page (3A). To see available scorecards for the applicant and score them, select the "Score Applicant" button to take you to the scorecard list (3B).




Scoring an Applicant

From the scorecard list, the list of available Core and Cortex scorecards can be unfurled by selecting the dropdown arrow beside the labels "Core Scorecards" and "Cortex Scorecards". Select the title of the scorecard to enter editing mode for that scorecard.


Types of Scorecard Questions

There are five question types available for scoring an applicant. 

Likert questions allow an applicant to be scored based on where they place within a range of aptitude. These values display on a scale that can be moved across via either swiping left or right, clicking the chevron arrows to the left or right (1), or by selecting the corresponding circle beneath the boxes (2). Select a value by selecting the corresponding box (3). 


Level questions function identically to Likert questions, except that Level questions have intermediary values between each listed value, labeled "In Between". 


Yes/No questions allow the scorer to select between two options to answer a question. Click the corresponding box to select that value.


Dropdown questions allow the scorer to select between two or more options to answer a question. Click the dropdown box to open a pop-up window where the desired value can be selected.


Score questions allow the scorer to input a numeric value directly into the dialog box. Score questions can have specific numeric ranges selected - click the "?" icon beside the question to view the available numeric range for this question. Please note that entering a numeric value outside of the designated range will prevent the scorecard from being submitted.


Other Features of Scorecard Questions

Unable to assess (1): Your score administrator can enable the option "Unable to assess" for each question on your scorecards. Selecting "Unable to assess" will allow you to submit the scorecard without selecting an answer to that question. If you have already selected a response, selecting "Unable to assess" will prevent that question from being counted in the final score for this scorecard. 

Comments (2): When creating scorecards your score administrator can also enable Comments for the scorecard question. Doing so creates a dialog box below the question where comments on the applicant can be added. Comments added in this way are visible in both the individual scorecard and in the applicant Notes. 


Adding Notes on Applicants

Notes on the applicant can also be added at any time from the "Notes" tab at the bottom of the selected scorecard. New notes can be added by selecting "Add Note" in the upper right hand corner of the screen; existing notes can be edited or deleted by selecting them from the list.

Submitting and Editing Scorecards

Once you've finished assessing an applicant, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of scorecard to save the submitted values. Submitted scorecards can be edited by selecting the "Edit" button at the bottom of a submitted scorecard and re-submitting the updated answers. 

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