Interviewer Reports

Thalamus offers Interviewer Reports which allow Program Administrators to efficiently capture and analyze interviewers' participation for the current recruitment season by creating and saving custom reports based on a number of criteria, including your selection of events, event types, session types, and program users.

Detailed information is included for each interviewer, such as event and session involvement, applicant interactions, and more. You can even see which specific applicants scheduled with specific interviewers, if desired.

The Interviewer Report can be utilized once an itinerary is created for at least one calendar event.


Create and View an Interviewer Report

Navigate to your Reports tab in the upper menu ribbon and choose "Interviewer Report" from the dropdown menu.

The first time you access the Interview Report page, you will see helpful and important details about the Interview Report, as well as a preview the Interviewer Report. You may return to these helpful details at any time by clicking the tooltip (question mark icon) at the top of the page.

Interviewer Report Welcome Page.png

To create and view a new report:

1. Click on the teal + Create Report button in the upper right hand corner of your page.

2. Click on the Pencil and Paper icon to name your report. Click on the teal up/down arrow to the right to expand/collapse the filters.

3. Set up your Interviewer Report Filters based on what data you want to collect. By default, the following filters are applied and display the following report in the Interview Details section.

  • Exclude upcoming events
  • Event Types: Interview

You may filter based on:

a. Event: All events; a Date range; or choose multiple specific events

b. Event Type: Interview; 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Interview; Social Event

c. Session Type: filter based on type of Interview Session

d. Program User: all users; by program role; or choosing individual users

e. Once your filters are applied, you may take the following actions:

  • Save as new report and run the report
  • Run the report

NOTE: To save as new report and run, you must name the report. See above for instructions on naming your report. 

4. If you have saved the report, the newly saved report will appear in the "Select a report" dropdown. The saved report can be accessed or run again at any time.

Interviewer Report Filters.png


6. Upon running the report, the Interviewer Summary report is viewable at the bottom of the page. The report will display for each interviewer with their name, as well as the following details:

  • Number of Interview Events
  • Number of Social Events
  • Number of Event Sessions, indicating the number of the sessions the interviewer participated in based on your applied filters
  • Number of Event Session Applicants, indicating the number of applicants who were interviewed in that interviewer's sessions

7. You are able to view an Interviewer Detailed report for each interviewer by clicking the teal up/down arrow in their row which will show the individual interview events.

8. You may expand the interview event rows even more by clicking the teal up/down arrow to view individual session details, including the number of applicants, applicant names, and applicant AAMC IDs.

Interviewer Report Summary and Detailed.png


Export an Interviewer Report

1. To export a report, you may select all interviewers listed by ticking the "Select" box in the left corner of the Interviewer Details view. Alternatively, you may tick the boxes next to individual interviewers.

2. Scroll up to the top of the page, and click on the teal Export button. 

Interviewer Report Export 1.png


3. The Export Report modal will display where you may select to export the Interviewer Summary report, the Interviewer Detailed report, or both reports simultaneously. Once your desired report(s) are selected, click the teal Confirm button. Your files will be downloaded to your device. 

Interviewer Report Export Modal.png

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