Screening Applicants in Thalamus Core

Programs can determine which application data should be screened in Thalamus Core. This is designed to promote a wholistic review of applications and minimize conscious and unconscious bias in the pipeline. 

To screen your application data, it must be processed through ERAS. For assistance with this process, please reach out to ERAS Customer Support.

  1. Screening Location:
    Application data screening must occur exclusively within ERAS. Cortex does not support application data screening.

  2. Visibility in Core:
    1. Data screened in ERAS will not appear in Core.
    2. Screened data in ERAS will be labeled as Screened.

Screened Data

Institutions and programs using ERAS PDWS can hide specific application data fields from reviewers. These screened fields appear as "Screened" in Cortex Thalamus. To modify which fields are screened, programs or institutions can update settings directly in ERAS PDWS. Changes will automatically update in Thalamus products.

  1. ERAS Screened Data - Screened data fields processed through ERAS will not appear in Thalamus products.
  2. ERAS Unscreened/Viewable Data - Unscreened data fields through ERAS that will appear in Thalamus products.

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