Creating your Thalamus Applicant Account

To create an Applicant Account with Thalamus, you must be invited to interview with a residency or fellowship program. 

  1. You will receive an email from Thalamus providing a unique token code to create a profile. This code will link you to the "Create a Profile" page at
    Note: Once an account has been created this token code will expire.

  2. The "Account Creation" module will appear.  Enter your information into the required fields.
    Note: The AAMC ID # (8-digit number) is required as a security check. This is not USMLE ID, NRMP ID or SF Match ID.  Most AAMC IDs start with the number 1.

  3. Once all required information has been entered, the "Create Account" button will become available. Select "Create Account" to continue.  Select "Cancel" to discard.

  4. The "Profile Information" module will appear. Some of your profile information may be pre-populated from your Residency or Fellowship application.

  5. Review the pre-populated information for accuracy and complete the remaining portions of your profileNote:  All fields denoted by an "i" inscribed within a red circle are required.

  6. Upload a photo by selecting “Update” button next to "Profile Picture" and choose a photo. 
  7. Enter "Home Airport" into corresponding field.  This will activate Thalamus travel coordination features.

  8. Once all required information has been entered, the "Finalize Profile" button will illuminate.
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  11. Select "Finalize Profile" to create your profile or Select "Cancel" to discard. 
    Note: You will be able to edit your profile information at any time after registration by following the Editing your Applicant User Profile guide. 


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