Creating Interview Dates

NOTE: Applicants can only sign up for one calendar session per program to ensure the logic.  Extra events (such as social hours or meet and greets) should be 1) Scheduled as part of the interview session on the same day or 2) Scheduled through a survey question through Thalamus. If you must host and require RSVPs to an event otherwise, we recommend creating the extra event through a third-party service and/or provide applicants with a video link directly.

1. Access your program calendar by selecting “Calendar” from the upper menu bar.  


2. Use the arrows in the upper left-hand corner to scroll between months to locate your interview day. The “Today” button will return you to the current date.


3. Click on the box that corresponds to your interview date. Alternatively, you may click on the “+” icon in the upper left-hand corner.


4. The “Create Event” menu will appear.

5. Enter a title in the corresponding field. Note: Titles are standardized on the applicant side of the platform (listing your program by name and specialty), so this title is for program-user convenience and will not be seen by applicants.

6. Enter time by typing into the field or using up/down arrows.

7. Enter the location in the corresponding field. If using the Thalamus Video Chat, you will have the option of identifying a video chat room here. 

8. Slots are inputted in the “Track/Tier Distribution Setup.” If the slots are not showing, select the down arrow at the right to expand the module. Visit our Creating/Editing your Program Profile guide to set up Tracks, and our Tiering Applicants on your Applicant Dashboard and Assigning Applicant Tracks on your Applicant Dashboard guides for setting up Applicant Tiers and Tracks. 


9. The "Tracks/ Tiers" matrix will appear with “Tiers” along the top and “Tracks” along the left side. 


10. If an interview day repeats over a series of weeks, you can use the “Repeat Weekly”.  This will create an interview day on the same day of the week for an assigned interval of time. To turn this feature on, slide the radio button in the corresponding row to the right. 


11. Select the days of the week for the event to repeat by clicking on the corresponding circles in the “Which Days?” row. When selected, the circles will fill teal in color. 

12. Select the ending date by clicking on the calendar icon in the “Until When?” row. Use the calendar that appears to select your end date. 


13. To add a description to the interview date, slide the “Add Details?” radio button in the corresponding row to the right. The radio button will turn teal in color, indicating the feature has been activated and the description text box will appear.


14. Enter the description for your interview day. Text may be formatted using the formatting toolbar.  Note:  Applicants will be able to see the description when signing up for interview dates.  You will also be able to view the description on your calendar after clicking on an interview date.

15. To add documents, click the “+” sign in the “Attachments” row. Browse for the file on your computer. Select a file and click “Open.”  It will instantly be attached to this interview date for applicants to view Note: Attachments are only viewable by applicants once signed up for a date, the rest of the description is visible regardless of whether or not applicant is signed up.

16. Thalamus is equipped with “Private/Hidden Events.” This is a feature specifically designed to accommodate an interview date that you wish to remain private/hidden from your general applicant pool. Applicants will not see the event on their Thalamus calendar unless you have manually scheduled them for this event.   Visit our Manually Scheduling an Applicant for Interview or Waitlist guide for more information.

17. Once all of your information has been entered and confirmed, select “Create” to create your interview date(s). Note:  The “Create” button will be inactivated until all required fields are completed.


18.  To discard the event, select “Cancel” or click outside of the “Create Event” box.   Once confirmed, your interview date(s) will appear on your calendar.  Private events will be designated by a green outline (as shown below).




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