Selecting Applicants on your Applicant Dashboard

Selecting applicants on your applicants dashboard allows you to take bulk actions on a group of applicants selected. There are two methods for selecting applicants via your Applicant Dashboard. 

Selecting individual or small groups of applicants:

1) Select the applicant by checking the box next to their name. If you would like to select multiple applicants, click the check box next to each name you would like to select for that group.

2) Once selected, a row will turn blue and the “selected” bar will show the number of applicants selected.


Selecting large groups of applicants:

1) Using the Select Box allows for bulk selection of applicants, located next to the "First/Last" field above the first applicant listed on your dashboard. 

  • “All” = selects all applicants uploaded into Thalamus.
  • “Full Page” = selects all applicants displayed on page of data table.
  • “None” = deselects all applicants on Applicant Dashboard.


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