Sending Applicant Surveys

Surveys can be sent in Thalamus two ways:

  • During the Invite to Interview process
  • After you have already invited a candidate.

This article describes to process of sending a survey after the invite has been sent.  Visit our Inviting Applicants to Interview and Create Program Survey guides for more information. 


1.  Select "Applicants" from the upper menu at the top of your Thalamus page.

2.  Select single applicant using the “Triple Dot” icon next to the applicant or select a group of applicants by using the "Select Box" next to their name. 

3.  Select “Actions” → “Send Survey”


4.  Select the survey questions you wish to send by clicking the check boxes next to each question. Questions may be reordered by “dragging and dropping” questions into order.  NOTE: Questions must be selected and have a teal check mark next to them or they will not be sent.


5.  To send the survey questions select “SEND.” To cancel this process, select “CANCEL” or click anywhere outside the box.

6.  A confirmation message will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Applicants may access their survey questions by clicking on the event on their Thalamus Calendar and selecting the link “Edit Survey Answers" or by toggling to the dashboard and viewing them in the Survey section. 


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