Manually Scheduling an Applicant for Interview or Waitlist

Thalamus allows programs to manually schedule applicants to interview dates and waitlists.

This is helpful for: 

  • Scheduling an applicant late in the season.
  • Scheduling an applicant after the lockout interval has been entered.
  • Re-scheduling an applicant for a date that is already full (“forced-assigning”)

1. Navigate to your applicant dashboard by selecting “Applicants” in the upper menu bar.

2. Locate the applicant that you will manually schedule (by using the search bar in the applicant dashboard, filtering, sorting table columns, etc.)

3. Select the “three dots” next to the applicant’s name.

4. In the menu that appears select “Manually Schedule.”

Manually Schedule.png

5. The “Assign Applicant to Event” module will appear. This module allows you to complete the following tasks:

  • Assign an applicant to an open /private interview day
  • Assign an applicant to a closed/full interview day using the "Force Assign (Override Rules)" feature
  • Add an applicant to a waitlist for a specific date
  • Schedule applicants in the past

6. Availability for each date will be displayed in colored bars to the right.

NOTE: Availability is displayed based on the applicant's Scheduling Group/Tier and not based on total availability for that date.
Visit our Assigning Tiers to Applicants and Assigning Scheduling Groups guides for more information. 

7. Select the date to schedule the applicant by clicking in the white circle to the right of that date.

8. To finalize this scheduling, select “SIGN UP” button. To cancel this process at any time, select “CANCEL” or click anywhere outside of the box.  

Assign Applicant to Event.png

9. Once finalized, Applicant’s “Interview Status” will change to “Scheduled."  The applicant will receive an automatic interview confirmation email.

Note:  Applicants may also be manually scheduled for a particular date’s waitlist OR “Force Assigned” to create an additional spot on a date that was previously full.  

To sign an applicant up for waitlist

1. Select the circle corresponding to a full date denoted by pink bar with text “0 of 0 Wait list sign up available only.” Complete the remaining steps described above.  

To "Force Assign" an applicant to a full date:

1. Select slider in the “FORCE ASSIGN (OVERRIDE RULES)” row

2. Turn slider “On” (Slider to the right and teal blue in color). 

3. Complete the remaining steps described above.

Force Assign.png

NOTE:  This will create an additional position on a previously filled interview date for this applicant.  It will appear on your calendar interview date as a (+1) denoting this special position.

If this force assigned applicant cancels this spot, the wait list will not be opened (as it is separate from the other positions on that date).  

Force Assigned Event.png

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