Action Log: Tracking Applicant Cancellations/Scheduling and Other Data

Thalamus features multiple reports that log all applicant activity.  The “Action Log” audits all scheduling changes in real-time, displaying the most recent changes on top.


View and Export the Action Log

1. Click the “Reports” button in the upper menu bar, and then click “Action Log”

Action Log Navigation.png

2. The Action Log will be displayed. Each row corresponds to one applicant action (scheduling, cancellation, or withdrawal).  A scheduling action is shown in teal, a cancellation is shown in pink, and a withdrawal is shown in green. This report displays all data from your entire season. To view earlier data, use the scroll bar on the right side of the Action Log list.
Note:  Applicants that have made multiple scheduling changes will display as separate entries on the Action Log. 

3. This report displays all data from the season. To view earlier data, use the scroll bar on the right side of the Action Log to navigate up or down.

4. The Action Log may be exported to an Excel/CSV file using the Export button in the upper right-hand corner.

5. The Search feature allows you to display scheduling changes for a single applicant, by typing the applicant’s name, AAMC ID, or email address into the search bar.

Action Log Report.png

6. You can also filter the Action Log for scheduling changes by:

  • Interview Event Date: for a single calendar event by clicking on the dropdown and selecting the interview event.
  • Action Date: to filter scheduling actions taken on a specific date.
  • Event type: to filter by interview event or social event type.

7. To return your “Action Log” to its default state, select the “Reset” button.

Action Log Report Filters.png


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