Creating and Managing Scoring Algorithms

Thalamus allows program users to build customized Scoring Algorithms to utilize during the Interview Season.  Setting up a Scoring Algorithm allows your interviewers to score applicants directly in Thalamus. 

At least one Scoring Category must be created to create a Scoring Algorithm. View how to Create and Manage Scoring Categories.

Visit our Scoring an Applicant guide to learn more about Scoring Applicants. 

Create or Edit Scoring Algorithms:

Navigate to the Score link in the top banner and select "Scoring Algorithms


  1. Select "+ Create Algorithm" on the upper right-hand corner of the Scoring Algorithm tab to create a new algorithm. To edit or delete an existing Scoring Algorithm, select the desired option from the "Actions" column. 

  2. From either step, the "Create" or "Edit" Scoring Algorithm module will appear. 
    • The following can be updated while creating or editing any Scoring Algorithm:
      • Algorithm Name
      • Type of Algorithm (Interview or Overall Score).
        • Interview Score: This score type does not impact the automatic rank list.
        • Overall score: This score type will impact where your applicants fall on the automatic rank list
      • Default Algorithm (The algorithm marked as "default" will auto-populate into the Algorithm Name field upon entering a score)
      • Add or Remove scoring categories from this Scoring Algorithm
      • Change the weights of categories within this Scoring Algorithm (must equal 100%).
  3.  To save your changes, select the "Save" button. To cancel your changes, select the "Cancel" button


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