Can I import applicants in waves / batches?

Can I import applicants in waves/ batches?

Yes. Thalamus was designed with best practices and program coordinator workflows in mind. 

ERAS programs may authorize applicant data to be sent to Thalamus Core or Cortex as many times as they wish during their season. This is especially helpful if you receive new applications after your ERAS opening date.

Non-ERAS programs may upload CSV files as many times as you would like without ever losing or duplicating your existing interview and applicant data.   


Here are some additional guides about importing your applicants to Thalamus:

Import Applicants into Thalamus Core (Authorizing Applicants from ERAS to Thalamus Core)

Import Applicants into Cortex (Authorizing Applicants from ERAS to Cortex)

Uploading Applicants into Thalamus NON ERAS


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