Setting your Lockout Dates

Thalamus is equipped with a “Lockout” Date that locks your calendar X days prior to an interview date. Applicants will no longer be able to schedule/cancel/reschedule on their own.  They will have to contact your program and then be manually scheduled/canceled after the lockout date has occurred

1. Access the program page by selecting “Program” from the upper menu bar.

2. Select “Set Lockout Interval” .


3. The “Set Lockout Interval” module will appear. Click the "Edit" button. 

4. Thalamus has the ability to lock both “Sign Up” and “Cancellation” independently of one another. Set number of days prior to each interview day you would like schedule to lock.


 4. To save lockout interval, select “SAVE.” To cancel changes, select “CANCEL”.

NOTE:  The lockout interval(s) may be modified/increased/decreased as needed throughout the interview season by repeating the above process.

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