Creating Survey Questions

Thalamus allows program users to create pre-interview survey questions for applicants in the following formats

  • Yes/No
  • Multiple Choice
  • Free Response

Program users may create an entire question set list and select questions to send to a particular set of applicants.  Questions may be added, edited, and deleted throughout the interview season. 

Answers are viewable in the “Survey Answers” column on the Applicant Dashboard, as well as on the Calendar on each interview day in the “View Details” screen. Survey answers are exportable to Excel/CSV files.  Visit our Reports: Tracking Applicant Cancellations/Scheduling and Other Data guide for more information.

Creating Questions:

1.  Access your “Survey Creator” by selecting “Survey” from the upper menu bar.

2. To create a survey question, select the “+” button in the upper left-hand corner.  

3. Select “Create New Question.” The “Create Survey Question” module will appear.


4. In the “Question” field, enter the question that the applicants will answer.

5. In the “Type of Question” dropdown menu, you can choose between “Yes/No,” “Multiple Choice,” or “Free Response” questions. 


“Yes/No” Questions:

6. A module will appear to select possible answer choices including “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe.” To remove one of these options as a possible answer, click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of that blue button.  That answer choice will fade out, and the “X” will become a “+” to denote that this answer choice has been removed To reactivate an answer choice, click the “+” in the upper right-hand corner of that blue button.  The answer choice will return to full color, and the “+” will become an “X” to denote that this answer choice has been reactivated.

“Multiple Choice” Questions:

7. Program users have the ability to create their own answer choices. Type the answer choices in the fields provided.  For additional fields, select the “+” button.  To delete fields, select the “X.” Answer choices may be reordered by selecting the up/down arrows and dragging/dropping the answer choice to its desired position.


"Free Response” questions:

8. Program users can ask open ended question. With the free response survey question an open text box is provided.


Preview and Finalize:

9. When satisfied with the question and answer choices, select “PREVIEW” to view a sample of how the question will appear to applicants.  If at any time you wish discard the question, click “CANCEL” or click outside of the “Create Survey Question” box.


10. The “Question Preview” module will appear, displaying the question as it will appear to applicants.

11. Click “CONFIRM” to create question. To cancel this process, click “CANCEL” or click outside of the “Question Preview” box.  


12. Once a question is created, it will appear on the “Survey Creator”. 

13. Questions will be listed by row, denoted by “Question Type.” It will also display how many times a question has been asked, the number of responses received and the response rate.

14. To edit a question, select the “Pencil” icon and the “Edit Survey Question” module will appear. To delete a question, select the “X” icon.  The “Delete Survey Question” module will appear and by confirming your selection the question will be deleted.


NOTE:  Questions that have already received a response cannot be deleted or edited.

Visit our Sending Applicant Surveys for more information on sending Applicant Surveys. 

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