Assigning Applicant Tracks on your Applicant Dashboard

Thalamus is equipped with a feature that allows users to group candidates by “Track,” both official NRMP tracks (e.g. Categorical, Preliminary, etc.) as well as non-NRMP tracks.

The tracks feature allows for grouping of candidates amongst particular categories (e.g. California residents, Rotated at Institution, etc.) and can be used to create scheduling preferences.

Both NRMP and non-NRMP tracks are set on the “Program” page in the “Program Initial Parameters” box.  Visit Creating/Editing your Program Profile guide for more information. 

  • Applicants must be assigned to at least one track but can be assigned to multiple tracks.
  • Positions are created for each track on a given interview date on the calendar.  
  • Applicants are assigned “Tracks” on the applicant dashboard.  These act as permissions to the “Track(s)” within Thalamus and allow applicants to sign up for specific interview spot(s).   
  • Applicants will only be able to sign up for those spots that exist for the one or multiple “Tracks” to which a corresponding “Track” has been assigned. 

Applicants will not see events on dates that do not contain at least one position for a track on which they are assigned. If the date contains filled spot(s) for their track, applicant will be able to sign up for the wait list.  

Applicants do not and will not know to which track(s) they are assigned.

NOTE:  Tracks can be changed up until the applicant is scheduled. 


Assign a "Track" to a Single Applicant

  1. Select the “Triple Dot” menu next to the desired applicant
  2. In the menu, select “Set Tracks.”



The “Set Tracks for Single Applicant” module will appear.

3.  To assign one or more tracks to this applicant, slide the corresponding radio slider to the right to enable a track (it will turn teal blue).

4.  To confirm these assignments, select “APPLY.”


The applicant will then be assigned these “Tracks” 

5.  To assign additional or modify an assigned “Track”, repeat steps above. 

Assign a “Track” to Multiple Applicants at Once

1.  Select the applicants by checking the boxes next to names, and the corresponding rows will be highlighted in blue. You can select all applicant or select full page by clicking the "Select Box" next to the "First/ Last" column on the toolbar.

2.  Click on the “Actions” button to open the drop-down menu.

3.  Select “Set Tracks”. 


The “Set Tracks” module will appear.

4.  To assign one or more tracks to this group of applicants, select the corresponding “Assign” button to enable a track (it will turn teal blue).

5.  To confirm these assignments, select “APPLY.”


The applicant will then be assigned to the any “Track” selected (not shown).

6.  To assign additional, remove or modify a “Track ”, repeat steps.  

Note: When opening the menu, it defaults each field to “No Change.”  This does not mean a track is not assigned but allows you to assign 1 or more tracks to a group of multiple applicants without 
having to determine previous track assignment statuses.  “No Change” will not change the track assignment in that category for that group of applicants.

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