Export Applicant Data from Thalamus

Program users can run/export an applicant report directly from the Thalamus Applicant Dashboard.

  1. Select “Applicants” from the upper menu bar.
  2. Sort applicants using the table column headers and apply filters as needed.
    • To include all applicants, select “All” applicants using the "Select Box" next to the "First/ Last" column.
    • To include all applicants on the current page, select “Full Page” using the "Select Box" box next to the "First/ Last" column.
  3. To run the report, select the “Export” button which appears as a down-arrow icon located between the “Reset” and the “Rows” box.Exporting_1.png
  4. The “Export applicants” module will appear.
  5. To export all applicant fields within Thalamus, select "Export all applicant fields".  Or to have only the fields enabled in the Applicant table, do not select the check box.
  6. Select “CONFIRM” to run the report. To cancel this process at any time, select “CANCEL” or click anywhere outside of the box.  
  7. The exported file will appear in your browsers downloads folder. Select the file to open the report.
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