Printing an Applicant Roster from your Applicant Dashboard

In Thalamus programs can print an applicant roster for a group of applicants (up to 200 at a time) directly from the Applicant Dashboard.

The category fields that are displayed on the print sheet can be customized by following the Customizing Applicant Baseball Cards, Facesheets + Print Pages guide.

1. From the Applicant Dashboard, sort applicants using the table column headers and apply filters as needed.

2. Select the applicants to be printed using either the selection tool or clicking the check box to the left of each applicant photo/name. To select all applicants, or all applicants on the page, use the "Select Box" next to the "First/ Last" column on the toolbar.  Only the selected applicants will be printed.

3. Select “Actions ”→“Print”


4. In the “Print Page” that appears you may adjust the following settings in the upper right hand corner:

  • One applicant per page (will print only one applicant per page)
  • Show avatar (will provide the applicant photo if applicable)

5. To print the roster, select “Create PDF/Print.” 



6. A new tab will open with a preview of the print sheet, from there the document can be downloaded or printed.


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