Viewing Scheduled Applicants and Accompanying Data on Calendar

Applicants that have been scheduled for an interview date may be viewed from the Calendar and Applicant Dashboard. Visit our guides Creating Interview Dates and Inviting Applicants to Interview for instructions on creating interview dates and inviting applicants.

Viewing Applicant Data on the Calendar

1.  Once in the Calendar screen, clicking on an existing event box to view the details of that event. 

2. In the pop-up box that appears select “View Details"


3. The “Details” module displays information about the interview event, such as:

  • Date/Time
  • Track/Tier Distribution Setup
  • Applicants Signed Up
  • Distribution Statistics
  • Survey Answers
  • Wait List Information

4. To toggle between calendar events, use the arrow keys.

5. To edit event details or change slot distribution, select the “Pencil” icon.


6. Select the arrow next to “Track/Tier Distribution Setup” to view the number of positions per assigned Track/Tier for the event. 


7. Applicants will be listed in alphabetical order and will display the Tier and Track assigned to them.

8. Click on an applicant name to reveal a “Calendar Card” featuring core information for that applicant. 

Note: Information on the calendar card is dependent on the information uploaded to Thalamus and the fields enabled on the roster.  Learn more on about Customizing Roster Layouts.


Create, Print, or Save Calendar Facesheet

9. To create a “Facesheet" roster of all applicants scheduled for the event, select the “Printer Icon” in the upper right-hand corner.


10. In the “Facesheet” roster that appears, applicant avatars (or profile photos) may be shown or removed from the roster that appears by checking the box on or off next to "Show Avatar".

Note: Information on the "Facesheet Roster" is dependent on the information uploaded to Thalamus and the fields enabled on the roster. 

11. To print the roster or save as a PDF, select “Create PDF/Print.” 

12. A new window will open, with the option to save or print.  Select the "printer" icon to print in landscape or portrait mode, or the "disk" icon to save as a PDF.


Viewing and Exporting Statistics and Surveys

13. Select the arrow next to “Distribution” to view statistics displaying the total number of applicants signed up sorted by Sex or Gender (either is acceptable), Tier and Track.


11. Select the arrow next to “Survey Answers” to view survey answers displayed by applicant. 

Note:  Survey Answers are also viewable in the Survey Report or in the Applicant Dashboard in the “Survey Answers” column.

12. To export these answers to an Excel or CSV file, select "Export Survey Answers" icon.


13. If applicants are signed up for the Wait List, they will be displayed in the "Wait List" section. 

14. Select “CLOSE” or click anywhere outside of the box to close this menu.

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