Viewing and Ordering the Default Applicant Rank

The Thalamus rank list can be used to view and create a program rank list.  Applicants must have at least one "Overall Score" entered to be added to the rank list. 

To make changes to the rank list settings, visit our Creating Custom Scoring Algorithms guide. 

Visit our Scoring an Applicant guide for information on scoring. 

Please note: For users enabled with the Thalamus Holistic Review scoring system, please reference: Viewing and Ordering the Default Applicant Rank - Thalamus Holistic Review


  • Only applicants who have been assigned an “Overall Score” will appear on this list.   As additional applicants are assigned an “Overall Score” they will be added to the rank list.
  • Each user role has different access to the rank list or applicant rank numbers.
    Role Type Edit Rank List View Rank List View Rank Number
     Program Administrator mceclip5.png mceclip5.png mceclip5.png
     Program Coordinator mceclip5.png mceclip5.png mceclip5.png
     Program Director mceclip5.png mceclip5.png mceclip5.png
     Faculty Interviewer - - mceclip5.png
     Program Resident - - -
     Program Fellow - - -

Accessing and Viewing the Rank List

  1. To access the rank list, select “Score” from the upper menu bar.
  2. Select “Applicant Rank List.”
  3. The “Applicant Rank List” will appear, listing applicants in rank order (automatic rank is set by default)

The rank list will display all applicants that have an overall score assigned.  There are many ways to navigate, view, and filter the rank list:

  1. Search for a candidate by typing the name or AAMC ID of the applicant
  2. Jump to a rank # by typing in the number in the field
  3. Filter applicants that interviewed on a specific day by selecting the event date
  4. To reset or clear all search fields on the rank list click "Reset". (this will not reset applicant ranks)
  5. Toggle between List View and Tile Card View:

Automatic vs. Manual Ranking

The Thalamus Applicant Rank List assigns ranks to applicants via two different methods:
  1. Automatic - Applicants are arrange in order of their total average overall score (i.e. the applicant with the highest overall score is ranked #1).
  2. Manual - Allows programs to override the automatic rank and reorder the applicant to another rank manually.
When an applicant is assigned a "manual rank," the rank number assigned will be set and will not change (up or down) until the candidate is assigned another manual rank (or reset to an automatic ranking). Therefore, when other applicant ranks are changed, only those candidates assigned "automatic ranks" will move based on the revision made. For greater control of candidate ranks and movement (similar to reordering a deck of playing cards), we recommend switching all candidate ranks to manual if needed.

By default, applicants will be set as "Automatic Rank" and will place the applicants in order based on their total "Overall" score.  Programs can change the rank of an applicant by manually ranking them or through drag and drop (see below).

  1. Click on the applicant “Rank”  mceclip6.png
  2. In the Applicant Rank window, check off "Set manually".
  3. Enter the rank number to be assigned.
  4. Click "Save".
  5. The applicant will now be set as "Manual Rank" and be ranked at the number manually assigned. Note: The applicant will remain at this rank number unless manually changed again.  It will not automatically move up and down based on other applicant rank changes. 

Note: The rank list will auto save each time an applicant rank is modified.
The illustration below will show what changes are made to the whole rank list when one applicant rank is modified:
  • Applicant Olive Lobe was automatically assigned to "Automatic Rank" and ranked number two.
  • Olive Lobe was then assigned to "Manual Rank" and assigned rank number four.
Note the changes made the overall rank list after Olive Lobe's rank was modified:
  • Olive Love - moved from rank 2 to 4 after manually being assigned.
  • Christopher Amygdala - was previously manually assigned to rank 3 and did not move.
  • Felix Cerebellum - moved from rank 4 to 2 since he was the next applicant set as "Automatic Rank".

Additional Rank List Features

There are many additional rank list features to allow for flexible viewing, exporting, and ranking of applicants.  

Drag and Drop

The rank list allows you to easily drag and drop applicants to the preferred ranking no matter what view you are in (tile or list).

Access Applicant Scores and Notes

The rank list provides programs easy access to each applicants scores and notes.  These features can be viewed by following these steps:

  1. Click the "document" icon to access notes on a particular applicant. Notes can be edited or added on this screen.
  2. Click on the “Overall Score” number to open “Scoring Module.” Scores may be edited or modified as described in the Scoring an Applicant guide. Program users who input score, as well as other information regarding applicant score will be accessible in this module.



Change Applicant Rank Status (Do not Rank)

There are three "Rank Status" options in Thalamus. Automatic & Manual Ranking has been described above. You also have the ability to make an applicant as "Do Not Rank". Applicants marked as "Do Not Rank" will still appear on your rank list, but will be marked as "DNR" and will not take a numerical spot on the list. 

  1. To mark an applicant as do not rank, select the "Applicants" tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Locate the applicant you want to update.
  3. Select the "..." menu next to the name of the applicant
  4. Choose "Change Rank Status" and the Rank Status Module will open
  5. Select "Do not Rank" and select "Save".
  6. The Applicant will now display as "DNR" on your rank list. 


Applicant Rank Panel and Score Comparison

From the rank list you are able to access a customized applicant rank panel roster layout.

To customize this Roster layout, visit our Customizing Roster Layouts guide. 

  1. To view the Applicant Rank Panel, select the "details" icon of the Applicant you'd like to review.mceclip0.png
  2. The rank panel will open on the right hand side of your screen. From this rank panel you can review the following:
    • Applicant photo (if uploaded)
    • Applicant specific details as customized via the Roster Layouts
    • Current Rank
    • Scores and Notes
    • Applicant Documents

      From this rank panel, you can take the following actions:
        • Move to the next applicant
        • Change the rank
        • Bookmark the Applicant
        • Add Scores
        • Access the Score Comparison table
        • Change the rank status (Automatic, Manual, or Do not Rank) from the bottom of the Rank panelmceclip4.png
  3. The Score Comparison table allows you to compare scores by category of multiple interviewers for the same Applicant. For example, if you have had multiple interviewers scoring an applicant, you can utilize the Score Comparison table to compare those scores.
  4. In the Score Comparison table, you can filter by:
    • Score Type
    • Scoring Algorithm
  5. You can also export the applicant's scores into an excel file. mceclip5.png

Bookmarking Applicants in the Rank list 

Bookmarking applicants can be done via the Applicant Rank list or via the Applicant Rank panel. This allows you to mark applicants you want to highlight, and filter these applicants more easily.

  1. To Bookmark your applicant from the rank list, select the "Bookmark" icon of the applicant in question
  2. To Bookmark your applicant from the Rank Panel, select the "Bookmark" icon.
  3. To filter bookmark applicants, return to your "Applicant Rank List" and choose Bookmarked from the filter list on the upper right hand corner of the page. 


Export Rank List

Rank Lists can be exported at any time.  The rank list will export all applicants listed on the rank list to an excel sheet; information exported will include:

  • Applicant First Name
  • Applicant Last Name
  • Applicant Email
  • Medical School
  • Interview Total Score
  • Total Overall Score
  • Rank 

To export the rank list: 

  1. Click the "Export" button on the upper right-hand corner.
  2. You can choose the following file formats for export:
    • Excel
    • CSV
    • NRMP
  3. You can choose to exclude Do not Rank (DNR) applicants from this export. 
  4. The file will export/download to your computer containing your finalized rank list. Depending on the file type, this file may be uploaded to the NRMP as needed (Please consult information from NRMP for further instructions).  This process may be repeated, as needed (i.e. after updates to the rank list).


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