Waitlist Setup

Thalamus users can utilize a waitlist for calendar events. These are global settings but can be managed individually within specific interview events. Users can change Waitlist types depending on the programs needs and requirements for Waitlist management at any time during the recruitment season. 

Enable or Disable Waitlists

Enable the waitlist for all interview dates within the program. This toggle controls waitlist for the entire program.

  • Should the feature be disabled after candidates have already signed up to a waitlist, their positions will be maintained, although no notifications will be sent.
  • Programs also maintain the ability to add or remove candidates to/from the waitlist as needed while the waitlist remains in the disabled state.

Waitlist Types

A waitlist type must be selected that will apply to all enabled waitlists. Different type waitlists cannot be enabled to different events.

  1. Ordered - Programs create a list of applicants that they wish to add to the waitlist and based on that ordered list, this is the order in which applicants will be notified that a spot has opened. If the applicant does not respond in the time frame selected under the waitlist email interval, they will lose the option to sign up and the spot will be offered to the next applicant on the list. Programs have complete control over the order of the waitlist. Please note that when an event is set to an "Ordered Waitlist" and at least one applicant has been notified of an opening, the waitlist will become active and a black square with a white "W" will be displayed on your Calendar page, within your Calendar details, and when you manually assign an applicant to an event.
  2. Pooled - All applicants will receive an email when a spot opens but it will be on a first come, first served sign up.

Follow the below steps to change the Waitlist type:

  1. Select Edit on the "Waitlist Settings" screenWaitlist_1.jpg
  2. Select the Waitlist Type dropdown and click on the preferred Waitlist Type based on the above descriptions

Waitlist Email Interval (for Ordered Waitlists)

When an Ordered Waitlist is enabled, a Waitlist Email notification will be sent to the first applicant eligible for the available spot.

  • The waitlist Interval email allows the program to set the response time in which an applicant must schedule a waitlist opening notification. 
  • The interval can be changed at any time throughout the season and will take effect immediately.

To adjust the Waitlist Email Interval :

  1. "Ordered" waitlist must be selected for the Waitlist Type
  2. In “Waitlist Email Interval” field, input the amount of time (in hours) you would like to give individual candidates the ability to sign up for an open Waitlist position. If the candidate does not sign up for an open position within this period of time, the next person on the list will be contacted.
  3. To confirm changes, select “Save”. To discard changes, select “Cancel."Waitlist 3.png

Set Waitlist Order Manually

To set the Waitlist order for a particular date:

  1. Click on the “Calendar” page
  2. Click on the desired date
  3. Click “View Details”
  4. "W" will be displayed when your Ordered Waitlist is active
  1. In the “Details” module, click on the down arrow on the "Waitlist" line to display the Waitlist. Candidates will be ranked from 1 (next to be offered a position) to X.  Candidates may be reordered by dragging and dropping them into the desired position.  By default, they will be in the “Waiting” status.  
  2. Once a position opens on the interview date, the candidate’s status will be changed to “Notified,” meaning they will have received the “Waitlist Opening Notification – Ordered” template as shown on the email page.  They will have X number of hours to secure the spot before the next candidate on the list is offered the position. The candidates remaining in the “Waiting” status will be renumbered accordingly. 

    NOTE: for instructions on Editing Email templates, review our Managing/ Editing Automatic Email Templates guide. 

Skip / Cancel Waitlist Spot Notification

To have your Waitlist skip a specific candidate (i.e. they can’t make it or they were offered the position in error), follow the below steps

  1. Using the steps below to access the Interview Event Details
  2. Click the “Cancel Slot Access” button 

The applicant will be moved to the bottom of the list and a waitlist notification will be offered to the next eligible applicant.

NOTE: This candidate will not receive notification of the spot removal, so they may arrive to a full calendar.Waitlist_5.png

Reactivate a "Missed Window" 

When a candidate does not respond within the assigned interval, that candidate will be assigned a status of “Missed Window” and the position will be offered to the next person on the list who meets the proper criteria/permissions.

  1. To add a "Missed Window" candidate back to the Waitlist, select the “Reactivate” button.
  2. That candidate will be added onto the Waitlist and can be reordered to the desired position by the drag/drop function. Waitlist_6.png



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