Customizing Roster Layouts

Thalamus allow program to create customized Roster Layouts using multiple layouts for the review of applicant data in Thalamus. The multiple layouts available are:

  • Calendar Card: Accessible through the “Calendar” → click on the interview date of interest → “View Details.” In the module that appears, click on a candidate’s name to view his/her “Baseball Card.”
  • Calendar Facesheet: Repeat same steps as above through "View Details". Instead of clicking on a candidate’s name, select the printer icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Applicant Print Page: Accessible through the “Applicants” page. Select the candidates you would like to view on the page → Select “Actions” button → “Print.”
  • Interview Panel: Accessible in the video platform.
  • Rank Panel: Accessible through the "Applicant Rank List" page. Select the "Details" icon for any desired applicant on the rank list.

To learn about the Thalamus Composite Builder, visit our guide Mark As Matched and Composite Builder

Customizing a Roster Layout

  1. Navigate to the "Roster Layouts" page by clicking Roster Layout in the top menu
  2. Select the layout to edit by selecting the tab at the top of the page
  3. "Available Fields" indicates all available fields for that layout. "Your Template" indicates that fields that will be displayed for users in your program
  4. To add a field from the "Available Fields" section, click the right arrow ">" next to the desired field. To remove a field from "Your Template" click on the left arrow "<"
  5. To reorder the fields in "Your Template" click on the move icon and drag the field to the preferred spot
  6. If an error is made or the default list is desired, select “Restore Defaults” Button
  7. To finalize the edits, select “Save Roster Layout”
  8. To cancel any changes made, select “Cancel” Roster_Layout.png
  9. Photos will display on roster layouts by default. To remove photos from the Facesheet and Print Pages layout, toggle the “Show Avatar by Default” button.
  10. The facesheet and print pages have additional customization options when printing.

You can access these customization options when accessing the facesheet through the calendar or the print page through the applicant list. You can:  

  • List one candidate per sheet
  • Hide or show candidate photo/avatar 

Please note: The Supplemental Applications Fields can be viewed within the Roster Layouts, fields must be added from the "Available Fields" section from the Roster Layouts page.

  • Preference Signal

  • Division Preference

  • Division Preference Description

  • Setting Preference

  • Setting Preference Description 


Note: We recommend that you “Create PDF” to print the document to create a more standardized look for your rosters.

Note:  Only data fields uploaded from ERAS into Thalamus (or specific Thalamus fields such as date information) will be populated.  If data is missing, please review your CSV upload and ensure specific data is included.  See “Creating and Exporting a CSV File” for instructions regarding ERAS CSV creation.


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