Can I prevent last minute changes or cancellations?

Thalamus was built to allow programs to lock cancellations and sign ups on interview events, independently or all together. (i.e. prevent cancellations 3 days prior to any interview date; lock sign ups two weeks prior or over a holiday weeketc.).

The lock out intervals are dynamic, editable, and able to be changed at any point throughout the interview season.   

In order for an applicant to cancel or schedule into a locked event, they must reach out to the program for the program administrator/coordinator to manually cancel or schedule the applicant. 

NOTE: Applicants have the option to "Withdraw" from programs within Thalamus.  If an applicant does withdraw, this will automatically remove them from any event or waitlist scheduled with that program (even if the event has a cancel lock enabled at the time).

Additional information about Lockout intervals, sign up and cancellation can be found here:

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