Do you offer different plans or packages?

Yes! You can piece together whatever package works best for your program or fellowship. We can modularize any of these features for a program, institution, or an entire GME based on their unique needs. 

Thalamus Core

Advanced Scheduler. Waitlist Management. Smart calendar with Tiers and Tracks. Facesheets and Print Pages. Ranking and score applicants. Email templates and survey functionality. Reporting and Data Analytics. 24/7 Customer Support. 

In addition, we have the add-on modules.

Custom GME Video Conferencing + “Master View"

1 on 1, group and breakout rooms. Master view control panel.  Automatic links. Scoring and notes, whiteboards, chat, screen sharing & mobile app integration. Or connect Thalamus directly to your Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex Account.

Automated Itinerary Builder

Faculty availability “Doodle” poll, autogenerate faculty/applicant interview schedules. Grouping, preferences, & mobile app integration optimize interview day experience. 

Cortex AI Application Screening Tool

Automated application/transcript review.  Holistic and blinded review modes.  Timeline view, application filtering with streamlined data transfer to Thalamus. 

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