Faculty Instructions: Virtual Video Platform

Below are instructions for Faculty to Access the Virtual Video Platform on interview day

Access Your Interview Day Itinerary

1. Log into Thalamus. 

2. Select the "Schedule" and then "My Schedule" to view the scheduled interview sessions. 

3. Navigate to the correct interview session by using the arrows or by selecting the interview session on the menu on the left side of the page. 

4. If you are scheduled for multiple interview sessions on the same day, you will have multiple events listed at different times, types, and Applicant information. Choose the event that you would like to join. 

5. If a Thalamus virtual interview session has been scheduled, you will see the "Join Meeting" button. Select this button to join the meeting. 



Access the Thalamus Video Chat Platform

Note: The preferred browser for using the Thalamus Virtual Interview platform is Chrome (however Edge and Safari may also be used).

6. A new tab will open in your browser. 

7. In the new tab, you will be taken to the Join Meeting page where you will be able to select and save the camera and microphone settings.

8. You must save your camera and microphone settings to join a meeting. From this screen, you can also select to Mirror your Video. 



Navigating the Thalamus Video Chat

9. Once in the Virtual Interview room, you have access to the following features at the top of the screen:


  • Network Signal Status: This helps you identify if your signal strength is poor. If you are experiencing poor video or audio quality, you may have poor network signal strength. We recommend switching to another network with a strong signal. 
  • Participants: This allows you to see the list of participants currently in the room.
  • Chat: A public text chat box that you can use to connect with other attendees. 
  • Whiteboard: Allows you to draw and demonstrate information via an electronic whiteboard to the rest of the attendees. 
  • Scoring & Notes: The Thalamus Scoring and Notes module, where you can take private notes and document scores for applicants in your video chat. This information can only be seen by you. 

10. Along the bottom of the screen, you have access to the following features:


  • View Meeting Details: Confirm which session you have joined, how much time is remaining in the room,  the video chat link, and the dial in number. 
  • Meeting Controls: Turn your microphone and video on and off, change the source of your audio or video through the settings module, or leave the video chat through the Hang Up button.
  • Share: Share your screen or an application through the share screen feature.
  • Layouts: Choose from multiple attendee layout views based on your preference. These layout view changes apply only to you.

11. Once your Applicant or another Interviewer joins the room, you will see their video on your screen. As more participants join the room, the videos will resize to accommodate multiple users.

12. If there are no other users in the room, you will see a notification: "There is no one else currently in this room. Once another individual joins they will appear here." 

13. If you should accidentally leave the interview room before you have finished, you can return to the room via the steps used to previously access the room. 

14. When you are done with your interview, you MUST Select the phone "hang up" icon to end the meeting. 


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