Manually Sending Email Templates (Additional Templates)

Programs can create "Additional Templates" which can be sent manually to Applicants through the Applicant Dashboard, as a supplement to the automatic emails that Thalamus offers. 


1.  Create additional templates in the "Email" template editor. Visit our Managing/ Editing Automatic Email Templates guide for more information.

2. Once your Additional Template is created, you can send it through the Applicant Dashboard. Open your "Applicants" screen. 

3. Select the single Applicant or a Group of Applicants you'd like to send the message to.

4. Select either the "..." action button next to the single Applicants name, or the "Actions" button if sending to multiple Applicants. 


5. Select "Send Additional Template". The Send Additional Template module will appear. 


6. Choose the preferred template from the drop down "Email Template" List. 

7. Verify the Applicants you'd like to send the message to in your "Applicants List". 

8. Click "Send". 

9. The Template will send and will now display in the email log of your Applicant.

10. Instructions on viewing the email log can be found here.


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