Filtering by Applicant Index in Cortex

Programs can create custom Applicant Index filters that will automatically score and weigh preferred applicant attributes. This feature was previously labeled as "Algorithms" and was updated in September 2022. 

1) Select the "Applicant Index" tab, to build a customer Applicant Index.

Creating a new Index

2) To create a new index, select the "Create Index" located at the bottom left.


3) Name your Applicant Index. "Peds Science Physician Track,"  "Dr. Smith's Algorithm" etc.

4) The following applicant criteria can be built into your applicant index

  • USMLE Step 1 Range
  • USMLE Step 2 CK Range
  • USMLE Step 2 CS Range
  • USMLE Step 3 Range
  • COMLEX Level 1 Range
  • COMLEX Level 2 CE Range
  • COMLEX Level 2 PE Range
  • COMLEX Level 3 Range
  • Alpha Omega Alpha 
  • Gold Humanism

5) Select the "Enable" box for the specific categories to be included in your filter. 

6) Once enabled, you can choose to apply an importance weight on any given criteria. These weights will produce an Applicant Index Score, identifying how closely this applicant matches the criteria selected. 


NOTE: Initially, the sliders will weight all categories enabled at equal weights (which add to 100%).  Use the sliders to adjust these values/weights as needed. 

7) Once completed, select "Save Applicant Index" to finalize or "Cancel" to discard your changes.


Editing or Deleting an existing Index

8) Select an existing index from your available list in the "Applicant Index" Tab. 


9) You are able to change the name of the Applicant Index and Disable/ Enable any filtered criteria, or change the weight of enabled criteria. 

10) Select "Save Applicant Index" to finalize or "Cancel" to discard your changes.

11) To delete your Applicant Index, select "Delete Applicant Index" from the bottom of the page. 

Filtering Applicants by Applicant Index and reviewing Applicant Index Score

12) Once you have created your customer Applicant Index, you are able to filter your applicants utilizing this index. 

13) Select the "Applications" tab from the top toolbar in Cortex. 

14) Utilizing the "Applicant Index" drop down, choose your desired index. 

15) Your list of applicants will be filtered by the criteria identified in your Applicant Index.

16) Your applicants will also receive an "Applicant Index" score, which will indicate how closely this applicant resembles your preferred criteria. 

Note: Your newly created "Applicant Index" score may take a short period of time to recalculate after it is applied to applicants or upon upload of new applications. 
17) You can sort by Applicant Index score using the "Sort by" drop down menu. 


18) To remove your applied Applicant Index, select "none" from the Applicant Index drop down menu. 

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