Creating a Keyword Search in Cortex

Programs have the option of using the Keyword Search within Cortex, which will search applications using custom keyword/s that the program created.  Keyword search in Cortex uses parsing and natural language processing to review all the applications and highlight words that are key/important to your program.

NOTE: Cortex will scan the Personal Statement for keywords. 


To create a list of words you would like to automatically be searched in your applicant pool:

  1. Navigate to the "Keywords" page
  2. In the empty box write a word that you would like searched, i.e., "Diversity"
  3. Add more words to your Keywords list by clicking on the (+) sign on the left-hand side
    NOTE: You can create a list that includes as many words as you would like. Or with as few words as you like. More_Words.PNG

  4. To remove a word, click on the red (x) on the right-hand side
  5. When you have a complete list of words click, "Save Keywords" on the bottom of the page
  6. Once your keywords are saved Cortex will review the applications and show you a snapshot of how many keywords can be found for each applicantkeywords.png

NOTE: In this example, there are 9 keywords found. Hovering your cursor over the numerical value will provide you a breakdown of how many times each word appears. This will be on the far-right side of each applicant snapshot. 

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