Uploading Applications into Cortex

Cortex has processing capabilities specifically designed for the 2020 ERAS application and beyond. Program Admins can upload in two main methods. Zip File or PDF(s).

Before you proceed, all PDF applications must be printed from ERAS.  Follow this User Guide on how to print applications in bulk from ERAS:  Bulk Printing ERAS Applications - Exporting from ERAS to Cortex

Note: You CANNOT upload a CSV file to Cortex. CSV files are only to be uploaded to Thalamus if you are not using Cortex.

1) To upload applications from ERAS, click on the, "Upload" tab on the far right.


2) Select which upload method you'd like to use

  • Zip File
  • PDF(s) 

3) Select your files. In this example I have selected all the PDF(s)  I'd like to see in Cortex

NOTE: You will find these filed saved however you saved them from ERAS. For example if you saved that to, "Desktop" you'll find them there. 


4) After you select your files and click open, you'll see those files listed out

5) Next click the, "Upload Files" button on the far right hand side 


6) You will see this blue bar that indicates how your upload is progressing

NOTE: Upload times depend on a multitude of factors. Such as: File sizes, number of files, internet bandwidth, server traffic, browser, and so on. Remember to be patient. 


7) Your uploaded applications will go through this work flow

  • Uploading - Files are connecting with the Cortex database
  • Pending Parsing - Files are being read
  • Pending Review - Files are being reviewed to ensure they are all set for automation
  • Complete - Files are completed uploaded and processes 

8) Once all of your files are in the complete status, those applications will show up as a list of applicants with their snapshot information on display under the, "Applicants" tab

NOTE: If you receive new information on ERAS for an applicant you can just upload their whole file again. Cortex will pull out and save only the new information.

  • Applications are never duplicated in the database (If you upload the same file or a file with no new information you'll get a status calling it duplicate. Cortex is smart enough that it won't do anything with that file).


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