Creating Blinders in Cortex

Programs can determine which application data should be blinded in Cortex. This is designed to promote a wholistic review of applications and minimize conscious and unconscious bias in the pipeline. 

1. To create a new blinder select the "Blinders" tab

2. Click the "Create New Blinder" button


3. Name your blinder view in the text box at the top left hand side. Example here is, "2021 Residency Recruitment"

4. Choose which list of attributes you'd like to blind reviewers to and switch that information field off

  • Teal means that information will still be visible
  • Gray means that information has been blinded 

5.Once you have your blinders set the way you'd like them click, "Save Blinder" at the bottom of the screen. 


NOTE: At this time, you as a user cannot create new attributes to blind. If there are suggestions you have for future blinders contact:

6. Now under the, "Blinder" tab you will see your saved blinder settings


NOTE: You can create multiple blinder views. Examples include a blinder view specifically for Sex or Gender (either is acceptable), location, and so on. There is no limit to how many blinder views you can create.

7. To apply blinder views to your applicants select the "applicants" tab.

8. Select the preferred blinder from the "blinder mode" drop down menu.

9. The data view will update automatically. 


NOTE: At this time there is no way to lock that blinded view into place. All reviewers will be able to switch to different views




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