Unable to schedule after receiving a Waitlist opening notification

Question: I received notification of a wait list opening, but I am unable to schedule for the program calendar event

Thalamus offers two types of wait lists:

  1. Pooled Waitlist: all candidates on the event waitlist are notified if an opening becomes available
  2. Ordered Waitlist: the first candidate on the waitlist (who fits the criteria of the open spot) is notified and given time to schedule

Pooled Waitlist

When a position opens within an event, all candidates on the waitlist for that event are emailed. As you can imagine, many applicants are likely undertaking a similar strategy of trying to sign up quickly and unfortunately someone has to be first. Spots may fill very quickly, but the system is functioning technically appropriately.

Please be advised that delivery of email can also be delayed for various reasons on the client side which could impact when you are informed vs. another (sometimes wait list positions fill in less than a minute, and if using university specific emails, they may be delayed due to university IT settings). Some programs also have very long wait lists. Longer wait lists make securing a spot more challenging, but we can assure you that the wait list is functioning appropriately technically.

Ordered Waitlist

When a position opens within an event, the first person on the list who fits the criteria of the open spot is notified and given a certain number of hours to sign up before the system moves on to the next person on the wait list. If a program is using an ordered list, you will receive a message notifying you and denoting the number of hours provided to sign up.

Why can't I schedule?

There are a couple reasons why you are unable to schedule into the open spot you were notified about:

  1. The waitlist type was a pooled list and another applicant scheduled into the spot (the event will look like there are no spots available)
  2. The event may have a signup lock enabled that is preventing you from scheduling into the open spot (if you see a lock icon with an "S" inside this signifies that the program has a signup lock enabled, you must contact the program directly to schedule into this spot)
  3. Still unsure?  Contact us at customercare@thalamsugme.com and we can review the program event in question

Other Important Notes:

  • As part of our privacy policy and user agreements with programs, we are unable to disclose your position on an any wait list.
  • The type of wait list the program is running will be listed in the specific event on the calendar.
  • Programs have the option to change the type of wait list setting at their discretion.
  • Programs have full control over the candidates on the waitlist and the order of the list.

If you have further questions about the program's waitlist, please contact the program directly to find out more information. 

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