How to Schedule An Interview with a Program (Web/ Browser)

This guide will provide the steps to schedule an interview with a program once an invite has been received. Applicants also have the option to complete any program surveys sent with the invite.  This guide will review how to schedule, reschedule and cancel interview dates, and manage program surveys via Thalamus Web/Browser.

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Logging in to Thalamus

  1. You will receive an email from a program that invites you to interview. At the bottom of this email, applicants will find a link to join Thalamus as a new user, or to log into Thalamus as an existing user.

  2. Follow that link to log into Thalamus. When you first log in, you will be directed to your personal dashboard.

Schedule an Interview 

Program Events that you are invited to (Interviews and Social Events) are available on the Dashboard and Calendar page. Please note: Programs have the options to display an Interview Type to provide additional information on how the interview will be conducted (Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid).  These options will be displayed on the Dashboard and Calendar event. 

  1. Applicant Dashboard: A column for "Interview Type" will be displayed under the My First Interviews and My Social Events section. To schedule an interview select "Schedule Now".

  2. Individual Calendar Events:  On the calendar page, if a program has set an interview type it will be displayed within the calendar preview as well as in the event details.
  3. To schedule an interview, click the "Calendar" tab. You will see a variety of interview sessions that you can join. If you use the left and right arrow buttons at the top of the screen, you can move through the months. 
  4. The calendar view can be filtered by the following event statuses or type:
    • All
    • Scheduled
    • Pending
    • Waitlisted
    • Personal
    • Social Events
      NOTE: If dates are not visible on the calendar, verify that all of the programs are toggled to the “on” position in the “My Programs” section.
  5. To schedule the desired interview date, click the interview session on the calendar. A modal will open up that allows you to view:
    • The date and time of the interview
    • Cancellation lock interval
    • Number of open positions on that day
    • Interview Type: Virtual, In-person or hybrid (programs have the option to display this)
    • Sign up for interview
    • View program
    • Withdraw 
  6. If a program has included a survey with the interview invitation, a hyperlink will prompt applicants to respond to survey questions at the time of scheduling the interview. SURVEYS ARE OPTIONAL and can be postponed for submission at a later time. For more information about completing program surveys, review the Completing a Survey After Scheduling guide.
  7. Click “Sign up for Interview” in the modal of the desired interview event. A new modal will open asking you to confirm your choice.                                                          
  8. The interview event will now turn blue, with a checkmark indicating that the interview event has been successfully scheduled.
  9. The "Confirmed Interviews" menu on the left hand side will update to reflect your new interview date.
  10. If you only want to see interviews with specific programs, you can toggle the "my programs" on and off and the calendar will update accordingly.

Joining a Waitlist

  1. If there are no spots available in the desired interview event, you will be prompted to "Join Waitlist".
    • You can join as many waitlists as you want.
    • If a position becomes open on that date, you will be prompted to sign up based on how the program has created their waitlists.  (View more information on Wait List / Waitlist Types.)
  2.  Once “Join Waitlist” has been selected, a new modal will open to confirm joining the waitlist for the selected interview event.                  
  3. In the calendar menu, use the “Waitlist” section and “Manage All Waitlist(s)” to make changes to your waitlist events.

Cancelling an Interview

  1. An interview event may be canceled by clicking on the interview event within the calendar. A modal will open with the following options:
    • Cancel interview
    • View program
    • Withdraw
  2. Clicking "Cancel Interview" will open a modal to confirm the decision to cancel. Once the interview is canceled, the previously held spot will become open to other applicants. Please be sure you want to cancel before taking this step. Please note: instead of canceling, alternatively, you can reschedule your interview by selecting your preferred alternative date and signing up. The reschedule will be automatic.

Rescheduling your Interview

When rescheduling an interview within the same program, the first scheduled event does NOT need to be cancelled.

  1. To reschedule an interview event with a program, locate the new interview event with open spots that you wish to schedule into.
  2. Click on the new interview event in the calendar and select “Sign up for Interview”. A modal will open to confirm the new interview date. The system will also confirm that by selecting the new interview event, the previously scheduled interview will be removed.
  3. Once confirmed, you will receive a cancellation and/or rescheduling notice via the email address associated with your Thalamus account.                 


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