Import Full Application from ERAS

Question: Can I import the full application from ERAS into Thalamus?


ERAS applications can be uploaded to the "Document" column on your "Applicants" page.

1) Enable this column by clicking the gear at the far right of your applicant dashboard.

2) Enable the "Document" column and save.

3) You can then upload a PDF of the entire ERAS application for each applicant (note, due to restrictions on ERAS side, this is a manual process that needs to be done for each applicant).

Faculty will need to enable this column on their dashboard, to ensure they can view the files as well.

Note: This is not done through the CSV upload and is a separate matter.

Additional information about navigating your Applicant Dashboard and Importing information from ERAS can be found in our Applicants dashboard user guides

Applicants Dashboard

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