Faculty not able to access their existing account

This guide will review steps to take if faculty cannot access their account. 


1. Navigate to the Administration page of your account.

2. View the details in the "Finalized Account Date" column

3. Check if the Account Finalized field indicates:

  • Invitation not sent: account token has not been sent.
  • Invitation pending: account token is still valid and user can finalize account on their own.
  • Invitation expired: account token has expired for this user.

To resend the account token, take the following steps:

1. Select "Invitation expired"

2. When prompted, select "confirm" in the "Resend Invitation" modal

If the program user's account is finalized, take the following steps:

Log out of your account and return to the log in page for Thalamus.

Choose the option "Unlock account?"

You will be prompted to enter your faculty member's email address. Once you have entered their email address, you will be prompted to select "Select". You will then be prompted to select "Send me an email". A password reset email will be sent to the user. Please note, if the user does not receive an email via the email address you entered it is possible their account is associated with an alternate email address.

Additionally, please check the SPAM folder of your email inbox. You can also reach out to our team at customercare@thalamusgme.com

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