Adding a Video on the Program Profile Page

Programs have the ability to add a video onto their main Program Profile page.  You must have access to the video URL in order to complete this task.  

There are many video programs that you can use to add a video to your program page.  However, we suggest using one of two programs for uploading, storing, and sharing your video.  This guide will review the step by step instructions when using one of the below programs: 

This guide will also review how to preview the video from the applicant view

Adding a Video

NOTE: It is no longer necessary to use the embed feature from video platforms to add videos in Thalamus

  1. Find the video you want at, then copy the URL of the video directly from the search bar.


2. Find the video you want to add at Select the arrow icon on the right side of the screen to select "share".


3. Copy the URL in the middle of the vimeo screen



Now it is time to input the URL into Thalamus by following the steps below: 

4. From the program page, scroll down to the "About Program" section and click "Edit"

5. Paste the URL into the video link box at the bottom of the "About Program Section"

6. Click "save"


NOTE: You can only add one URL to the video link box. If you have multiple videos to share, you may paste the URLs directly into the body of the free text box in "About Program"


Reviewing the video in the Program Profile View

7. To preview your program profile page, and test the what your applicants will see when viewing your program, select "Preview Profile" to the right of your program name.



8. To preview the linked video, click the "video" button on the right side of the preview module.


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