Bulk Import Applicants into Cortex (Exporting Applicants from ERAS to Cortex)

To upload PDF applications to Cortex, the applications must be printed into a zip file then uploaded in bulk to Cortex.  The following instructions list how to print ERAS applications in bulk.  

Note: You CANNOT upload a CSV file to Cortex. CSV files are only to be uploaded to Thalamus if you are not using Cortex.

Selecting Applicants to Export

Bulk Actions can be performed after applying a filter and selecting one or more applicants.

Note: At least one applicant must be selected to view the Bulk Actions dropdown list

  1. Begin by logging in to ERAS
  2. On the PDWS Dashboard: Select "Applications Received"
  3. Select all of the applicants that you want to download to review in Cortex by check them individually on your filter list or selecting all applicants
  4. One applications are selected, click "Actions"
  5. Select "View/Print Application
  6. The Print Application window will open
  7. Name the Print Job
  8. Select the documents on the left you wish to be included
    NOTE: The MyERAS Application must be included to import into Cortex.
  9. Select the "Applicant Summary" to include the applicant Preference Signaling

Best practice: select all documents by selecting the box next to "Documents" and "Other"


  • The "MyERAS Application" MUST be included in the PDF for the file to upload successfully in CORTEX
  • To include the ERAS Preference Signaling, the "Applicant Summary" MUST be included in the PDF for the information to be uploaded to Cortex.

10. Keep the check mark selected next to "Print each application to a separate PDF" 

11.  Click the "Request Print" button

10. Click "Bulk Print Requests" in the header

11. Select the job you wish to download

One this step is completed, files can now be uploaded into Cortex.  See "Uploading Applications into Cortex" for further instructions regarding uploading PDF applications to Cortex.

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