Scoring an Applicant on the MySchedule Page

Program Interviewers or Administrators can enter scores and notes for applicants in multiple places, including the MySchedule page within Thalamus.  This guide will provide instructions on how to enter scores and notes for an applicant directly from the MySchedule page.


  • At least one custom scoring algorithm must be created prior to scoring applicants. Please see Creating a Custom Scoring Algorithm.
  • The itinerary must be published for applicants and/or program users to access the applicants on the MySchedule page.
  1. Click on Schedule and select "My Schedule"
  2. On the left hand side of the screen, navigate to the interview day of the applicant you want to score.
  3. Users can sort by applicants who are "scored" or "unscored" to the top right of the page.
  4. Within the itinerary schedule, select the "score" button next to the applicant you want to score.

  5. The “Applicant Score” module will display applicant information and available scoring algorithms.
    INTERVIEWERS: Consult with your program to determine which score you should use. 
    • Interview Score:  Score that will not factor into rank.
    • Overall Score: Score that will automatically calculate applicant rank.
  6. To enter a new score select the "Add Score+" icon.Applicant_Score_Card.png
  7. The “Create Applicant Score” module will appear.
  8. Select the Score Type and algorithm you wish to use to score the applicant via the drop down boxes.
    INTERVIEWERS: Consult with your program to determine which score and algorithm you should use.
  9. In each score box, type the score that the applicant has received for each category.
    Interviewers: Consult with your program to determine the scale you should for your scores. The algorithm will be applied to each score (it will multiply the score by the weights and then sum to create a total score, which will be listed automatically).
  10. Type any notes into the “NOTE” box at the bottom of the module. Text may be formatted using the icons displayed at the top of the box.  These notes will be saved and linked to the score, defined as a “Scoring Note."
  11. Once all data has been entered, select “SAVE” to save score. To Cancel, select “CANCEL” or click anywhere outside of the box.
  12. The score will then be displayed in the “Applicant Score” module listed by Interviewer (i.e. whichever program user inputted the score), the score (+ an average if there are multiple scores) and a timestamp from the last score update.
  13. To view notes associated with the score (i.e. “Scoring Notes”), scroll your cursor over the “triple line” icon in the notes column.
  14. To edit the score, select the “pencil” icon.
  15. To delete the score, select the “X” icon. To close the module, select “CLOSE” or click anywhere outside the box.
  16. This process may be repeated for additional scores, including “Overall Scores,” which will factor into applicant rank.
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