Integrating Teams for your Virtual interview day

Thalamus has the ability to integrate your Teams account into your virtual interview day.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to set up a third party API with your Teams account and Thalamus. 

You must have an existing paid Teams account that can accommodate your interview day.

Account requirements:

The Authorizing Account must have a valid Microsoft Account with access to Microsoft Office365.  The Authorizing account should have at least the Application Administrator role, or higher, within Active Directory or equivalent privileges on their Microsoft Account. 

If the admin grants consent for the entire tenant, the organization’s users won’t see a consent page for the application. 

More information on permissions can be found at and at 

Account Setup (Azure AD) 


The Administrators of AD must set the user consent settings.  It must be set either to Users can consent to all apps or to Custom app consent policy.  For the Custom app consent policy, see the documents by clicking here

The instructions use Azure AD Powershell to manage app consent policies. 

Create a new empty app consent policy. 


New-AzureADMSPermissionGrantPolicy ` 

    -Id "my-custom-policy" ` 

    -DisplayName "My first custom consent policy" ` 

    -Description "This is a sample custom app consent policy." 


Add "includes" condition sets. 


# Include delegated permissions classified "low", for apps from verified publishers 

New-AzureADMSPermissionGrantConditionSet ` 

    -PolicyId "my-custom-policy" ` 

    -ConditionSetType "includes" ` 

    -PermissionType "delegated" ` 

    -PermissionClassification "low" ` 

    -ClientApplicationIds “f8ca7e03-3a98-4ef1-93b3-f1edaa4c3bb7` 


Alternatively, a Global Administrator can set permissions in the User Consent settings withing Azure Portal from Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > Consent and permissions > User consent settings. 


Installation/Authorization Process:

  • Log in to Thalamus as a permission level to edit Program Settings (Administrator, Coordinator, or Program Director). 
  • On the Thalamus Program Management Screen, scroll to Virtual Interviews at the bottom of the page. 


  • Click Edit to enable system configuration changes. 
  • Select Teams and then click the Authorization, Login, button. 
  • The browser will be redirected to the Authorization page. 
  • If the current user is not logged in to Office 365 or Microsoft Online, they will be required to log in. 
  • The User will be prompted to accept or decline the Application’s Access to their account. Click Accept 
  • The user will be returned to the Program Dashboard. 


Usage of the Application/Creating a Meeting:

Manual Process 

  • The user will create a meeting in their Teams Account and retrieve a meeting link from the event 
  • Within Thalamus, the user will go to Interview -> Itinerary builder 
  • Select an Event  
  • Select a time slot for a displayed applicant or click +Create Session 
  • In the Create session dialog, set location to Virtual Interview (Manual) 
  • Copy and Paste the Meeting URL into the Meeting URL box 
  • If there is a Password or Passcode, paste it into the Passcode box 
  • Using the Virtual Interview (Teams) Location 
  • The user will go to Interview -> Itinerary builder
  • Select an Event  
  • Select a time slot for a displayed applicant or click +Create Session 
  • In the Create session dialog, set location to Virtual Interview (Teams) 
  • The Link for the meeting will automatically populated in the Meeting Url: box 
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