ThalamusGME - Network Configuration Settings

To ensure a streamlined use of the Thalamus software for which our customers are accustomed, we recommend that you please work with your IT department (university or hospital) to whitelist our top-level domain for both web access and email.

 If you prefer to grant access on a more granular and controlled level, please allow the following domains:
For web access, allow the fully qualified (FQDN) domain names:


For email, allow mail domain:


For our virtual meeting service, please allow these additional domains and/or IP addresses. There are two options, but you only need to choose one. 

1. Allow all subdomains *


2. Allow the following:

 Hostnames: with port 443 and wss (websocket) with port 443 and wss (websocket)


IP Address Ranges:


US East Coast (Virginia) - - - -


US West Coast (Oregon) - - -


UDP Ports

10000 to 60000




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