ThalamusGME - Network Configuration Settings

To ensure a streamlined use of the Thalamus and Cortex, we recommend that you work with your IT department (university or hospital) to whitelist our top-level domain for both web access and email.

If you prefer to grant access on a more granular and controlled level, please allow the following domains:

For web access, allow the fully qualified (FQDN) domain names:


For email, allow mail domain:


For the Thalamus video platform, please allow these additional domains and/or IP addresses. There are two options, but you only need to choose one. 

1. Allow all subdomains




2. Allow the following:
Hostnames: with port 443 and wss (websocket) with port 443 and wss (websocket)

Before utilizing Thalamus video, we recommend running the Twilio network test on the device and network you will be using to interview. This will identify any potential problems with your network or device that would prevent you from having a successful interview day.

  • Recommend Running the Twilio WebRTC Diagnostics Test:

IP Address Ranges:


US East Coast (Virginia) - - - -


US West Coast (Oregon) - - -


UDP Ports

10000 to 60000




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