Mark As Matched and Composite Builder

Thalamus allows programs to mark their Applicants as "Matched" and build a match composite. The match composite can be exported in various formats to allow full customization. 

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Marking Applicants as Matched

1) From your Applicants page, locate the applicants you'd like to mark as matched.

2) You can Mark as Matched any applicants who are in the "completed" status.

3) You can update individual applicants by selecting the "..." menu next to the applicant's name, or update bulk applicants by selecting all desired applicants and selecting the "actions" menu and selecting "Mark as Matched". 


4) You will be asked to confirm your choice before moving forward. 

5) The selected applicants will now appear in the "Matched" status. 


6) To remove the matched status, follow the same steps to select applicants, and from the "Actions" menu, select "Remove Match". 


Building a Composite

There are two types of composites you can build: 

  • Match composite (will only display those applicants marked as matched)
  • Composite (will include any selected applicants who have been invited, scheduled, cancelled, waitlisted or completed). 

1) To build a Match Composite, select the "Gear" icon from your Applicants page and choose "Build Match Composite". 



2) To build a Composite, Select the applicants you'd like to include, and from the "Actions" menu choose "Build Composite"



3) From the Composite Screen (for either composite type), you can make the following customizations:

  • Change the layout between Portrait and Landscape
  • Change the first or second line of the composite


4) To export the composite, select the "Export" button and choose the preferred format (PDF, Powerpoint, Word). You will be able to make additional changes to the composite after Export, based on your computer's ability to edit the specified document format. 

5) To return to the Applicants page, select the "Return to Applicants" button from the bottom of the screen. 


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