Testing the Video platform prior to your interview day

There are a few ways you can test the video platform prior to your interview day. We also recommend checking our our troubleshooting guide while testing the platform. 

  1. Test in an existing video room:
    • If the program you are interviewing with has published your itineraries, you can access those video rooms without causing any issues on  your interview day. 
    • Follow the guide Applicant Instructions: Virtual Interviews to locate your video links and sign into a video room. 
    • Through these steps, you will be able to verify that our video platform is not blocked by your device or network settings and that your camera will work in the video room. 

  2. Test in a new room with a program:
    • GME programs want your interview day to be successful! Many of them are willing to join a video room with you to test the platform before interview day. 
    • We recommend reaching out to the program coordinator of one of the programs that have invited you to interview. They can create a new video chat room for you to test together. 
    • Through these steps, you will be able to verify that your microphone is working in the video platform, and check your network connection. 
  3. Run the Twilio Network test: https://networktest.twilio.com/
    • This test will run a diagnostic on your system to determine if there are any issues with your device or network connection.
    • It will also all you to test your microphone to make sure it is functioning correctly.



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