Account Access: Email, Password, Log in Issues

Question: I am receiving the message "We encountered an unexpected issue with your account" when attempting to log in. What does this mean?

Log in Error Message.png

Answer: You may be seeing this message for one of several reasons. Please contact our team by clicking the teal "Contact Thalamus Customer Support button" or by emailing us at


Question: I do not remember my password. / My password isn't working!

Answer: You can send a password reset link by visiting our Password Reset page or navigating to and selecting the "Unlock account?" link.


Question: I do not remember my log in email. / The password reset link isn't arriving at my email!

Answer: Contact our support team at for assistance or select the "Help" icon at the bottom of any Thalamus page.


Question: My account has been locked out. 

Answer: You can unlock your account by visiting our  Unlock account page or going to and selecting "Unlock account?" link.


Still unable to access your account?

If you are not able to resolve your account access issue on your own, please contact our support team at and we can assist you.

You may access the Thalamus sign in page using one of our supported browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Firefox. 

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