Calendar Settings Overview (Global Program Settings)

This article will review the global program settings that can are fully managed by the program.  The settings applied for each feature will be a default setting and will take effect immediately. 

The following features will be reviewed:

Waitlist Settings

Enabling or Disabling Waitlists Globally for All Events

Waitlists can be globally enabled or disabled by toggling the button on or off (when "Enabled" it will be teal). 

  • When creating new calendar events, the selected global settings will automatically be applied (this can be manually changed within the Edit Event screen).

View the Waitlist Setup guide for steps to disable or enable waitlists.

Waitlist Types

A waitlist type must be selected that will apply to all enabled waitlists. Different type waitlists cannot be enabled to different events.

  1. Ordered - Programs create a list of applicants that they wish to add to the waitlist and based on that ordered list, this is the order in which applicants will be notified that a spot has opened. If the applicant does not respond in the time frame selected under the waitlist email interval, they will lose the option to sign up and the spot will be offered to the next applicant on the list. Programs have complete control over the order of the waitlist. Please note that when an event is set to an "Ordered Waitlist" and at least one applicant has been notified of an opening, the waitlist will become active and a black square with a white "W" will be displayed on your Calendar page, within your Calendar details, and when you manually assign an applicant to an event.
  2. Pooled - All applicants will receive an email when a spot opens but it will be on a first come, first served sign up.

View the Waitlist Setup guide for steps to further manage your waitlist settings.


Waitlist Email Interval

The waitlist Interval email allows the program to set the response time in which an applicant must schedule a waitlist opening notification.  The interval can be changed at any time throughout the season and will take effect immediately.

View the Waitlist Setup guide to set the waitlist email interval.  

Set Interview Reminder Interval

Interview Reminder Email

The Interview Reminder Email is an automatic email reminder that sent to applicants prior to their interview day. The Interview Reminder email as well as the Interval can be enabled and customized by the program.

See Managing/ Editing Automatic Email Templates to create a custom Interview Reminder email.

  1. The Interview Reminder email can be disabled by toggling the button to "Disabled" 
  2. To enable the Interview Reminder email, the button must be toggled to "Enabled" (teal in color) 

Interview Reminder Interval

Like many of or calendar features it is set with a default and can be changed to meet the needs of the program during their interview events.


Set Lockout Intervals

There are two types of lockout intervals.

  1. Sign up Lock interval: Programs can set the terms on how many days before the interview date an applicant can no longer self-sign up for an interview. As with the wait list this time frame is at the discretion of the program and can be updated as they see fit to suit their needs. If the program determines that there is an applicant that they wish to see after the sign-up lock interval period has passed, they are able to manually enter that applicant into the specific interview date.
  2. Cancellation lock interval: Programs can set the number of days prior to the interview date that an applicant can automatically (self cancel) cancel an interview. Once the cancellation lock interval is set, applicants will not be able to cancel within that interview date, but the program can override this and manually cancel the applicant.

Note: Applicants who withdraw from the program within Thalamus will automatically be removed from any pending scheduled events. 

View Setting your Lockout Dates to further customize your Lockout Intervals.


Calendar Settings (Closed vs Open Events)

Closed Events: Closed events will appear full to all applicants (including those signed up for each event), even if applicants cancel. While applicants can still cancel their interview event (as long as the event does not have a cancellation lock enabled), this feature allows programs to initially overbook events and then have applicants cancel without prompting or allowing additional applicants to auto-schedule.

  • Closing an event will also disable waitlist opening notifications from being sent. In a closed status, programs still retain the ability to manually schedule, cancel and force assign applicants to an interview event.


To change the Events Status: 

  1. Select "Edit" in the Calendar Settings box
  2. Click the toggle button to your preferred status "Open" or "Closed" 
  3. Select "Save"

This setting will apply to all program calendar events.

Interview Settings

Default Interview Type

Thalamus supports virtual, in-person and hybrid (both virtual and in-person) interviews. To begin, select your default interview type from the list provided. This will automatically assign that interview type to any new interview or social events created. If you do not wish to have a default, select “None.”

This setting is to provide the applicant more information about the interview day.  It will not have any impact on how the interview is conducted.

Note: The interview type for each individual interview or social event can be manually assigned while creating/editing the event on the calendar page.

  1. Select the Default Interview Type preference
    1. Virtual
    2. In-Person
    3. Hybrid
    4. None (no preference will be displayed within the interview event)
  2. Select Save

Video Software/Integration

Programs using the Thalamus Video platform should have the "Thalamus Video" automatically enabled within this section.  If it is not enabled or when changing the preferred video software, to enable the Thalamus video: 

  1. Select "Edit"
  2. Click the drop down field next to Video Software
  3. Select "Thalamus Video"
  4. Click the "Authorization" button
  5. Select "Save"

To integrate a third party video software view the appropriate guide below:

Virtual Knock Interval

Programs using Thalamus Video can enable an automatic virtual knock for their interview sessions.  A virtual knock (a banner notification) is sent automatically toward the end of every Thalamus virtual interview to notify participants that time is almost up for their session. 

  • Programs can set a timed interval for when a virtual knock (banner notification) will appear in each session.
  • The minute(s) interval is set counting backwards from the end of the meeting.  If the interval is set for 5 minutes, the notification will be sent when there is 5 minutes remaining in the session.
  • The notification will be displayed in a form of a banner at the top of the video screen to all attendees and will read, "You have X minutes left of this meeting." ie. following the example above of 5 minutes, the banner would read "You have 5 minutes left of this meeting."X = the number of minutes remaining in the meeting

View How to Set Virtual Knock Interval.

Note: Changes to the Virtual Knock Interval will only affect newly created sessions, not existing sessions. 

Please note: While all of the calendar settings are in place to help the program to have more control over their full season, manual changes can be made on specific interview days as needed. 

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